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Mic Shabazz

Originally from Newton Centre, Massachusetts. I've been a fan of Hip Hop since I heard Rapper's Delight in 1979. After high school I tried to get into Doing and making beats but I didn't have the social skills. As life progressed I found myself in Trenton Psychiatric Hospital for 18 months. That's when I began writing after years of writer's block. I wrote

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Paulelson is a Angola artist, he style his trap and drill and rhymes in portugues. His been working on beats for years and Start 4 years writing and have been working with Latino Records, an independent label

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To know burks is to know Killeen I represent my city from the east side to the westside, Born in California I moved to texas lived in Maryland and South Carolina so my influences are ranged from Dipset to Gucci mane to Z-ro I make music from the soul and it’s a soundtrack to my city if you hear a burks song that’s what a ride in Killeen sounds like

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