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Originally from Newton Centre, Massachusetts. I’ve been a fan of Hip Hop since I heard Rapper’s Delight in 1979. After high school I tried to get into Doing and making beats but I didn’t have the social skills. As life progressed I found myself in Trenton Psychiatric Hospital for 18 months. That’s when I began writing after years of writer’s block. I wrote over 400 verses and recorded my album myself in my apartment. The album, Number One on the Bucket List 1-10. At first the album had 22 tracks, the 22 stands for Victory as V is the 22nd letter. After completing the album I still had alot of verses left. So I made a mixtape rapping over other people’s beats (Disc 5). After completing those two discs I realized the music was good, but there was no “hit” single. Nothing to give to a radio station or a nightclub DJ. So I continued to record music and as I was recording the music I learned how to write a “hit” song. Now, in December 2020 I have 1 album that consists of 11 discs 1. Number One on the Bucket List 2. Disc II 3. Disc III 4. Le Quatrieme Disque 5. Five Star 6. Equality 6.1 Equality 7. 7 The Mystery of the Seventh Seal 8. All or Nothing 9. 9 Times 10. Knowledge Cipher Currently my music is being distributed by Tunecore and is on 36 different streaming sites. My royalty checks keep getting bigger and bigger. Top Tracks Whats The Mathematics New Jersey Love Put Me On The Corner Don’t Stop Get It Get It And You Know That Spell It With A J 7Modern Jazz God Bless Me Go Slow In God We Trust ^^^All of those songs can be found on Youtube under the artist name Mic Shabazz

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Michael Shabazz


Hip Hop/Gospel



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East Providence, RI


Boom Bap

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The 5,000LB Man
DJ 37
Alleycat Productions


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