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Doc Nasdee, (formerly Doc LikMLo) alias UNBorn (Emcee, Beat Maker, DJ): Born in Lynwood, raised in Compton, this birth was bound to be a different breed from others in this city. Since VERY early on, Doc was sure he was destined for entertainment. Unsure of what area he would be in (music, acting, stand-up), he did nothing but absorb all the knowledge he could from his friends that were doing it before him. Rapping, beat-boxing, breaking, bombing, DJing; he took on every element of hip-hop when he first heard Run DMC. As a child, Doc used to spend lots of time going around the corner to Joe Cooley’s house. At this time, Joe was already a K-DAY Mix-Master, and he and Rodney were really beginning to enjoy the spoils of their musical union. Doc used to often rap over instrumentals, then hurry over to Joe’s house to get his opinion on it. Being the supportive person he was, Joe always encouraged him to keep doin his thing. Doc also formed a relationship with Russ Parr who, at the time, had the hottest morning radio show on 1580 K-DAY. Russ would also show lots of support; He even invited Doc to all the concerts, from the Fresh Fest, to any performance his alter ego, “Bobby Jimmy,” had. And with every show he saw, he took it in, and wanted to emulate it. In the midst of touring with Thump Records throughout the 90s (shortly after leaving his first DJ, DJ Tempo), Doc Nasdee became a member of the Universal Zulu Nation. He later took on the name “UNBorn” to mean “an unborn star.” Now, the two identities are separated; the “Doc Nasdee” persona is the freak side, the clown around, smart-assed side who will do anything to make you laugh or gasp. Whereas, the “UNBorn” persona is 100% Zulu. A militant type that is passionate about his hip-hop and Black culture. After moving to Moreno Valley, Doc (then, going by the name Double-Dee), walked to a party that Gilly-Gill was DJing. Similar to how Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince met, his then-rapper couldn’t make it, so he had no problem letting Doc rhyme when he asked. Not only was a serious friendship formed, but the party goers thought they were already a duo because of the chemistry they had. Doc toured all over with a rapper named Tommy-Gun (who was Gill’s cousin/former rapper) on the Low-Rider Tour. Doc never signed with Thump Records, because, at the time, they did not want to sign Black artists that wasn’t already established (cold game). His stage presence and energy, however, still managed to be a show-stopper. It was that experience that laid the foundation and introduced his love for big stages in large arenas. Since then, after a failed relationship with Def Jam, Doc has taken his new found talent of beat-making to produce songs for various artists, while also trying to balance running the II Phaced corporation, working and writing his own music, and attempting to get an acting career off the ground; While also screen-writing (“…always chasing every dream”). It was time to revamp. Stay tuned to how the rest of the story unfolds. I am sure you will love the ending.

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Deon Edwards


Hip-Hop, R&B


Graphic designer, beat maker, rapperunderground_artist

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Compton, CA


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