Allen Iverson Is Coming For Post Malone!!

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This past year, there were a lot of hit records coming out that got tons of play on the radio and in the clubs. While we got tons of hits from Fetty Wap, Ty Dolla $ign, and more, Post Malone gave us all a banger that is still getting a lot of play time all around the country. “White Iverson” had everyone ready to turn up in a psychedelic sense, but we never knew how the song’s inspiration, Allen Iverson, actually felt about it…until now.

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Allen Iverson reacts to “White Iverson”

There have been a fair amount of celebrities who haven’t been too big of fans of Post Malone’s “White Iverson,” such as Earl Sweatshirt. Being that A.I. has a history with disapproving things, many would have thought that he wouldn’t be a fan of being the center of the rapper’s smash hit.

Allen Iverson reacts to “White Iverson”

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It turns out that’s wrong, as Iverson told Complex, “I want to meet him,” the basketball player says of Post Malone. “He did an awesome job. I was just telling my friend on the way over here that when we get in the car, we hear [‘White Iverson’] at least like 10 times a day. It definitely gets a lot of record play around here. And it’s just an honor for him to make a song with my name in it.”