All Hip Hop Hall of Fame: 32 Best Albums

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From The Notorious B.I.G. to Tupac Shakur, we’ve got all the classic hip-hop albums that you know so well in this dope All Hip Hop Hall of Fame list! We’ve compiled a list of the top hip-hop records from the eighties and the nineties. Plus, we’ve included all the top ladies in hip-hop as well as the fellas! Check out all the classic albums that made our list inside!

Look inside to see all of the classic hip-hop albums that made our All Hip-Hop Hall of Fame list!

Stankonia (2000)

Outkast 'Stankonia' cover screenshsot
The cover for this classic Outkast album was so epic.

All Eyez On Me (1996)

Tupac 'All Eyez On Me' cover screenshot
Tupac Shakur never got the chance to see the success of this great album.