A New Album From Future?

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The FreeBand General is back to his usual self and looks good to see him in this appearance; styrofoam cup in one hand and f*ucking up some commas on the other. (Now that’s what I call God blessing all the trap @!#$% ). If you ask the crew here at HHMW, sonically, Future sounds like he’s back in the pocket.

The real question is if Future seems to be ready to release his third studio LP under his Freebandz/Epic label? Well two nights ago the Monster himself gave us somewhat of a sampling tease or referring to, and I quote: “I think the world ready for me to drop my album.” Could Future be ready to drop and just shock the world and pull a BeyoncĂ© or Drake and release on any given day?

Whenever you decide to release this project, Future, we will be there to celebrate with our styrafoam cups in the sky to SHARE the win.

I kno um ready…

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