8 NY Hip-Hoppers That Are Still Picking Up On the Dirty South

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4. Shmoney Dance


Extreme newcomer from Flatbush Brooklyn, Bobby Shmurda has two of the hottest new singles out in NY right nowHot N****r and Shmoney Dancethis kid, his southern style, and his dance moves signed just last week with Epic Records.

5. Self-Proclaimed Southerner


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Imma New Yorker, but I sound Southern/ And we sip DP till the Don stop bubblin. Well, no one said it better than 50 Cent himself in Like My Style. Lets see how we end up liking his style on his newly dropped record, Animal Ambition.

6. Any Outfit


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One of Jay Zs most impressive skills is that hes able to adopt and draw from any style while making it his own. In his latest, the highly anticipated drop of Magna Carta Holy Grail, he incorporates southern haziness with some slower rhythms throughout.