8 Hip Hop One Hit Wonders

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Real Live, Real Live S***

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Another rapper perhaps doomed by the very guest talent that earned him a place on the charts. With Ghostface and Cappadonna both among the guest stars, it was easy to overlook Real Live as another mediocre Wu Tang affiliate.

Luniz, I Got Five On It

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The groovy, soulful call of the hook branded itself permanently in the mind of every listener back in 1995. “I got fiiiiive on it” was catchy, cool, emotional and kinda funny, earning Luniz a number 8 hit on the Hot 100.

Skee-Lo, I Wish

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A funny video referencing the then-just released¬†Forrest Gump¬†cemented I Wish as one of those all time classics of funny rap songs. “I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller” was the catchphrase of the year in 1995.