7 Times Birdman Channeled His Inner Suge Knight

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Birdman is no stranger to confrontation, and we know that he’s had his fair share of problems with people, but the tactics he uses to go about it can almost be compared to that of Suge Knight. The Cash Money CEO may not pull anything violent or scheming in front of you, but he certainly has his ways of carrying out threats. From rolling up deep to radio stations, to repping multiple gangs, we have to take a look back at the moments that Birdman channeled his inner Suge Knight.

2012 BET Awards – Roaming Inside And Backstage

Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Check out the moments when Birdman channeled his inner Suge Knight on the following pages.

When he rolled up on the Breakfast Club and told them to “respeck” his name.

This was the shortest interview in Breakfast Club history for someone who rolled through with one of the biggest entourages.

When he threw a drink at Lil Wayne in the club.

Couldn’t you see Suge Knight doing this to someone back in the Death Row days? While we already know he’s done worse, it seems like Birdman was ripping a page out of his book in this scenario.