7 Reasons Why Ayesha Curry Is Every Man’s Dream Girl

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Is it wrong for a guy to want an Ayesha Curry? Well, right now, those are life goals for many single men, including myself. In a world where relationships are rare to come across, finding a potential keeper like an Ayesha Curry is possibly damn near impossible. She exudes every single trait a man would love for their partner to have. We’re not just talking the surface, even though she has that taken care of with no issues whatsoever. She’s a hard 10. Read why.

Stephen Curry & Ayesha Curry

Credit: Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

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She’s Loyal

young ayesha curry and stephen curry

Source: Instagram @ayeshacurry

You can’t sleep on the loyalty of Ayesha. She and Steph knew each other since they were kids during their days in a church youth group. Their friendship evolved into something deeper as they got older, and she stuck by his side through thick and thin.

She’s Gorgeous

Ayesha Curry

Source: Instagram @ayeshacurry

She’s simply stunning. Her lush and beautiful skin is something all guys love about her. You can take her anywhere, and be confident in knowing that you have a beautiful woman by your side.