'60 Minute Sports' Talks Sneakers

’60 Minute Sports’ Talks Sneakers

Recently former record executive and now turned sports executive at JAY Z’s Roc Nation sports, Shawn Costner or most commonly known as “Pecas” was featured on Showtimes 60 Minutes Sports. Despite the show’s headline, Pecas wasn’t featured for his newly found success in the sports world, but instead as a premier “Sneakerhead” with a collection amassing over 1500 pairs. His collection consists of rare releases, custom kicks, autographed kicks, and doubles of his favorites. In a one-on-one interview with host, Pam Oliver, Pecas attributes the start of his sneaker collection to back in the day as a youngin’ in the Bronx. He says of his friends, he was the only one without a cool name, but every time he came around he was known as “Shawn the kid with the fly kicks.” So wanting to change that, he used his freckles, taking on the moniker of Pecas (which means “freckles” in Spanish). In the interview Pecas also states that collecting sneakers is deeper than just a novel hobby, but instead a worldwide cultural phenomenon and says it’s a part of being fresh. Check out the full interview on Showtime on Demand and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for his all star roster of sports superstars, which consists of athletes like CC Sabathia, Victor Cruz, and more.
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