50 Cent's SMS Boxing Promotion Scores Win With Ryan Martin

50 Cent’s SMS Boxing Promotion Scores Win With Ryan Martin

50 Cent SMS Promotions
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Anyone who has been following 50 Cent’s career knows that the rapper has a history with boxing. The artist took the sport up near the beginning of his career in order to both shape his image and to sharpen his mind and body. Although 50 would ultimately take up a career as a rap artist rather than as an athlete, he has remained passionate about the sport. Curtis Jackson began his first boxing promotion with Flloyd Mayweather in 2012, TMT, The Money Team. Jackson became licensed in New York, but this promotion was short lived, breaking up in December of that year when Jackson and Mayweather parted ways, with 50 taking over the promotion. Before long, Jackson had already relaunched TMT as SMS, which has signed talent likeYuriorkis Gamboa, Andre Dirrell, Billy Dib, James Kirkland, Luis Olivares and Donte Strayhorn. Ryan Martin may arguably the promotion’s flagship talent at the moment, with a push for champ in the works.
Courtesy: SMSBoxing.com
Courtesy: SMSBoxing.com
Investing in upcomers, established fighters and skilled athletes in need of a comeback, SMS has flourished under 50’s experience and business savvy, with James Kirkland making a stunning comeback under the promotion earlier this year. SMS has swooped in on valuable talent and helped to polish young fighters in need of a little grooming. Ryan Martin signed with the promotion in late 2013 and most recently took down Justin Robbins at the Chatman – Brewer fight on March 28th with a stunning second round knockout, bringing his record to 4-0 with three knockouts to his career. An impressive step in a promising career. Although the original vision may have been to combine Jackson’s instinct for business with Mayweather’s experience in and out of the ring, the relaunched SMS Promotions has nevertheless gotten off to a knockout start.
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