20 Best WorldStarHipHop Videos of 2015

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The WorldStarHipHop Videos Just Keep on Coming…

WorldStarHipHop is the mecca of user generated urban viral content. WSHH is a one-stop platform for everything including entertainment, new music, and even politics. While many believe World Star is a trashy website, there’s no denying the medium’s status as one of the main influencers in urban and hip hop culture. WorldStarHipHop has dramatically decreased their daily uploads, but it’s still hard to keep up with their videos consistently on a regular basis. With that said, we’ve compiled the 20 best WorldStarHipHop videos of 2015 thus far.
Check out the best WorldStarHipHop videos (especially #8) of 2015 below!

He Dropped Some Knowledge: The Wife Zone Chart!

This guy has bagging girls down to a science, that’s for sure.

Jon Stewart Drops The Comedy To Speak On The Charleston Church Shooting! “We Still Won’t Do Jacksh*t”

We need more Jon Stewart commentary on racial inequality.