2 Chainz Blames Justin Bieber For Getting This Famed Substance Banned

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2 Chainz Does Have A Little Bit Of Lean Left

2 Chainz

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2 Chainz also explained that despite the infamous cough syrup company shutting down, he still was able to squeeze some extra bottles. “It started being something that they would post online so in my opinion, the company shut down, gave a warning that they’re shutting down. When they gave that warning, I didn’t believe them, but I kinda did. Because the price went up. So I bought a little extra.”

2 Chainz Reveals That He Still Drinks Some Lean Every Now And Then

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While he doesn’t drink lean as much as he used to, 2 Chainz did have a sip while he was in Miami for Beyoncé’s Formation Tour. “It was the Beyoncé tour, I had to perform for that. I had a video shoot with Lil Wayne yesterday, I know I gotta be geeked up to be around this n*gga.” Though Chainz was obviously upset with the collapse of Actavis, other rappers in the past voiced their displeasure with the company and were happy to see its inevitable fall.

Lil Boosie Almost Died From Actavis

Lil Boosie appears onstage during a taping of MTV’s Sucker Free at MTV studios in Times Square on January 23, 2007

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Back when Actavis revealed its plans to shut down because of “unlawful and dangerous” use of its product, Boosie spoke to TMZ about how he almost died three to four times taking the product. “Once you on, it’s hard to get off … it’s damn near impossible,” he said.