10 Reasons Why We Want Mystikal Back

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He knows all about loyalty, especially when it comes to his boss, Birdman.

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Source: Instagram @mindofmystikal

After telling people to “respeck” his name, Birdman can count on Mystikal to have his back, as he said in an interview, “They do that away from him. They don’t do that in front of his face. Believe that. You can do anything you want to like that [on social media] but when he shows up, it’s different. Big difference.”

He didn’t lose his performance skills while locked up in jail for 81 days.

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Source: Instagram @mindofmystikal

Mystikal can still kill a set.

He can commit to both his music and his beautiful family.

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Source: Instagram @mindofmystikal

Who doesn’t love a rapper father that provides?