10 Rappers You Can Be For Halloween

10 Rappers You Can Be For Halloween

Rappers these days wear really outrageous outfits. Though we may have second thoughts about sporting the same looks as our favorite artists, Halloween gives us a chance to vicariously live through them. To celebrate the holiday, we’ve compiled a last of rappers you can draw inspiration from for your costumes.

10. Rick Ross

Land dis in your b!txh front yard and hop out like.. BAUWSSS

A photo posted by Ricky Rozay (@richforever) on

Crossfit, or as the Bawse refers to it as, Rossfit, has lead to a noticeably slimmer Ricky Rozay. Still though, draw on some tattoos and a bear, wear some unnecessary sunglasses late at night, and rock an open jumpsuit without a shirt and you’ll do Rick Ross justice. [ad2]
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