10 Rappers Caught by the IRS

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Wasnt it Diddy that said, Mo’ money, mo’ problems? Truer words have never been spoken! A lot of rappers have found out just how profound that statement is. Some rappers can spit rhymes that pay the bills but they miss one debt they should never stiff the IRS. Shorting the IRS is nothing new entertainers in sports, television, and film are notorious for skipping out on their quarterly filing. Here are 10 rappers that did the same and felt the pain when the IRS caught up to them:



Source: John Ricard/Getty Images North America

Of mixtape fame, Tyga reportedly owes the IRS $100,000 in back taxes.

Lil Wayne


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Lil Wayne owes about $12 million in back taxes this amount dates back to 2011. He had to put his mansion up for sale to help satisfy the debt.



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The newly wed rap diva reportedly owes over $320,000 in back taxes.