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Yo, Donald Trump Guess Where Your Clothes Are Made???

Aug 25, 2015 at 5:16 pm |


Twitter: @gqmagazine

Within the last 5-6 months Donald Trump has been no stranger to controversy following his lewd and offensive statements towards Mexicans. After talking all that smack about Mexicans, it seems like Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump forgot that he actually needs them more than he thinks.

Apparently, the financial mogul’s signature menswear clothing line, “Donald J. Trump” which has been canned by several retailers, including Macy’s is made in Mexico. Pretty ironic considering thats the same country that Trump claims is stealing our jobs and entering the US illegally. SMH — good job Mr. Trump.


Twitter: @djtodd1

What are your thoughts? Do you think Donald Trump should think before he speaks or do you think he would probably justify where the collection is made with an ignorant statement?

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SMH — you won’t believe where presidential candidate Donald Trump’s signature menswear collection is made.

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