Would Adele Sell Records If She Was Black? [Op-Ed]

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Jazmine Sullivan’s vocal abilities are A-1. Quite honestly, she can tango with any singer on any day, if necessary. She’s an immensely talented threat who can bust the windows from your car with a high note. It’s really that easy for her. What’s mind-boggling is the fact that despite her God-given talent, she isn’t being showered with a bevy of awards like her lighter-skinned counter parts. She isn’t soaring to the charts on Billboard. She isn’t being placed in a class of her own. The question is why?

During an interview with AP, Sullivan voiced her dismay. “I guess I’m glad that people are recognizing me in some way, and kind of see there’s a little injustice in how black soul artists are received,” she said. “But, at the same time, I try not to focus so much on the negativity.” Sullivan is nominated for three Grammy’s this year, including Best R&B album and Best R&B song. While she is elated for her nomination, there’s obviously a concern as to why and her contemporaries aren’t appreciated as much as Adele. Let’s not undervalue Adele; she’s a monster. Her record-shattering numbers are deserving. Her albums 21 and 25 are equipped with doses of talent and warmth that not every singer possess in their DNA.

But, let’s pose this question: If “Hello” was sung by a black singer, would the record have garnered this much success?