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‘White Chicks 2’ In The Works???

Jul 1, 2015 at 2:16 pm |

A photo posted by Marlon Wayans (@marlonwayans) on

Could White Chicks be making a return to the big screen? Three days ago, star of the 2004 blockbuster, Marlon Wayans took to his Instagram and posted an assumably fake mock up of a movie poster for White Chicks 2, with the caption “Show of hands who wants to see the sequel to this? 300,000 likes and I may make this our next movie.”

As of right now there is no official word if the movie has been green lit, but since Wayan’s IG post, the poster has over 430k likes on Instagram and over 700k on Facebook. Pretty impressive! Who knows maybe Colombia Pictures, the movie house to the original, will see all the social chatter and grant our wishes?

If the film does make it to theaters, I wonder if Iggy Azalea will have a cameo, lol.

Marlon Wayan’s took to Instagram hinting at a potential sequel to the 2004 blockbuster ‘White Chicks’. Find out the full details and more here.

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