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What Are Thoooooooose!?

Jul 28, 2015 at 5:26 pm |



A phrase that gained popularity back in 2004 “What Are Thoooooose,” during the era of Ludacris’ “Get Back” video has made an epic return. Since the advent of social media, however, it’s impact is being felt way in its second phase.

Recently, Kyrie Irving was seen calling out his friend’s questionable kick game, which he dubbed the “#seaworld1s” in a recent Instagram video with the now infamous “What Are Thoooose” phrase. SMH! Shame on Irving for making fun of his homie, especially considering he has a very nice Nike deal and could of supplied him with some kicks.

A video posted by Kelly Kandah (@kellykandah) on

Not sure if you’ve jumped in on the trend and started calling people out, but if you do, be sure to take it easy on them.

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Find out what sneakers, NBA point guard Kyrie Irving’s friend had on for him to call out in the latest social media frenzy.

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