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Weed Be Gone! Arrests For Weed In New York Down 40%

Nov 24, 2015 at 6:46 pm |


Credit: Alfredo Estrella/AFP/Getty Images

Just when a lot people advocated for a sharp crackdown on marijuana, things are looking up, especially in the city of New York. Rather than pounce on people because of their smoking habits, it appears that the NYPD are becoming a bit more lax in their approach to cracking down on weed carriers.

According to the New York Post, arrests in New York over weed have dipped dramatically. To be concise, number of arrests have dropped by a staggering 40%. While this may make things a bit easier for folks to sleep at night, don’t misconstrue the fact that weed is still in fact illegal. In fact, you can still be arrested.

As long as you’re not carrying over 25 grams of weed, you’re definitely safe for the most part. You won’t be arrested, but you will be slapped with a ticket of $250.

Cops are letting people in New York get away with smoking weed in comparison to last year. Why the sudden change?

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