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Watch Out, Joseline: Cardi B’s Best Instagram Moments

Dec 8, 2015 at 4:31 pm |

Over the seasons, fans of Love & Hip Hop have seen all kinds of foolery occur on the popular reality show. With the New York crew coming into another season, they will be missing Erica Mena this time around, but it looks like that won’t be a problem. The cast has been revamped, and Cardi B has already become an anticipated fan favorite. Not many people know of her yet, but trust us, from looking at her Instagram, she is unforgettable.

Screenshot 2015-12-03 15.44.03

Source: Instagram @iamcardib

Check out Cardi B’s best Instagram momentsĀ on the following pages.

Cardi B may just be the secret weapon that Vh1 was holding back on ‘Love & Hip Hop.’

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