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Guess Who Voted Walmart The Best Store To Shop?

Jun 18, 2015 at 11:39 am |

Walmart Store

Getty Images: Justin Sullivan

According to a new consumer data study, superstore Wal-Mart was voted the most popular amongst millennial retailers (millennials are consumers that fall between the ages of 18-34). To many analysts, Wal-Mart’s popularity among young people comes to many as a surprise, who say millennials prefer convenient, smaller-format stores and online shopping over the big-box retailers where their parents shopped. Surprisingly Wal-Mart executives have admitted they are even surprised by the data. Wal-Mart’s SVP, Consumer Insights and Analytics told Ad Age:

Millennials now, as a generation, like Walmart the best, more so than Generation X, more so than boomers. That kind of shocks a lot of people, including inside the company.

Interesting! Are you surprised at the data results? For us not so much, back in the day when away at school, Wal-Mart saved my life!

With retailers like Target, K-Mart, Trader Joes and others, Wal-Mart has been voted the most favorite, but you’ll never guess by who. Find out who voted the super store their favorite and more here.

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