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Trick Daddy is Filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Sep 1, 2015 at 6:27 pm |

Trick Daddy on set while filming his new video for ‘I’m a Thug’, in Miami, Florida. 4/11/01

Credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images

Everyone’s favorite Miami rapper is officially filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Trick Daddy who only makes an estimated $14,500 a month from publishing from his past hits and club appearances says he doesn’t make enough to cover his child support expenses. Supposedly, Trick Daddy owes one of his child’s mother’s $34,837 and owes his second child’s mother an estimated $22,282.

In addition to the above expenses, the rapper owes over $290,000 in back taxes. Trick Daddy is also claiming to owe $280,000 on his first mortgage and says he only spends an estimated $550 on clothes and jewelry a month. Wow! These are some major coins considering the rapper has not had a huge smash hit since his 2001 song “I’m A Thug.” We hope that Trick Daddy can straighten out all his financial problems real soon!

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Everyone’s favorite “Nann” rapper Trick Daddy ain’t got nann dollars!

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