This Member Of Diddy’s Hitmen Producers Has Done More For Hip Hop Than You Know

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If you’re a hip hop fan, and admired the work of Bad Boy back in the day, then you certainly know of the producers of The Hitmen. The members have shifted over the years for the official group, but they have always consisted of some of the most talented producers in the game who have touched some of the biggest hits in hip hop music. One of the newer members of the crew in recent years has been LV, who you may know of from the producing duo, Sean C. and LV. We recently got a chance to sit down and chat with the producer, who has produced countless hits you may not know of, such as JAY Z’s “Roc Boys” and even Remy Ma’s smash single, “Feel So Good.” Despite working with everyone from Fat Joe and Jadakiss, LV does have a favorite of who he’s gotten to work with over the years. “Of course it would be JAY Z. At the time I was still really bugging the f**k out. I was still trying to find myself at the time,” he told us. Be sure to read more of our profile on the incredibly talented LV, and see what’s coming next from him.


LV producer

Credit: LV

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