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Tammy Torres Speaks On Lil Wayne’s Book

Apr 7, 2015 at 2:01 pm |

Tammy Torres isn’t one of the many Drake ex-girlfriends we listed, but her and the rapper do have a history. The Miami beauty is the subject of Lil Wayne’s tell-all book from prison, where Weezy claims he broke down after finding out his girlfriend smashed Drizzy. Tammy is ready to fire back at Tunechi, explaining she’ll detail the true story of who’s better in bed if the book comes out. Stay tuned.

‘H*es Gon Be H*es So I Couldn’t Blame Tammy’: Meet Tammy Torres, Lil Wayne’s ex-girlfriend who also had a thing with Drake, which lead to Weezy’s book announcement last month. The Miami beauty plans to reveal which rapper is better in bed if Tunechi releases his tell-all book from jail.

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