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SPACES: A Look Inside The NBA’s Headquaters In London

May 14, 2015 at 4:40 pm |

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America is truly where basketball dominates, but thanks to The Daily Street, fans are getting an inside glimpse into the NBA’s London headquarters. The offices are like an NBA museum: employees have their jerseys personalized and hung over their chairs and meeting rooms are named after hoop legends (Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, MJ, Shaq, etc) with each room outfitted in team colors with memorabilia items and inspirational quotes. The center of the office is home to a large rec space, which includes a 10-by-6 foot plasma screen set up for NBA 2K15. Check out pics from the offices here.

Recently we showed you the inside of HQ at Adidas. Which other corporate offices are you interested in checking out?

The Daily Street gives Americans an inside glimpse to London’s NBA headquarters, exploring conference rooms, recreational areas, and more.

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