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Six Rappers Who Called Out Their Own Deadbeat Dads

Jun 15, 2014 at 7:25 am |

On Father’s day some will honor a good man in their life, while others will try to be the kind of father they did not have. Here aresix songs that call out those Dad’s not worthy of the title, and help the rappers come to terms with their own childhood issues as they become grown men and father’s themselves.

Eminem -Cleanin Out My Closet

[youtube clipid=”RQ9_TKayu9s” autoplay=”0″]

The chorus of the song talks about his Mama, but the part of the song when he talks about his Daddy leaving when he was just a baby cuts to the core: “no I don’tI wished hewould die.”

These six songs are brutally honest and heart wrenching at times. When musicians get real with their lyrics the results are in your face and noteworthy.

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