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She’s In Love With Da Coco!

Jul 16, 2015 at 3:45 pm |



While rappers like OT Genasis may be in love with the Coco, we’ve found someone who may love it a whole lot more. A video recently surfaced of an unnamed asian chick, snorting a line of coke longer than the eye can see.

Why you ask, who the fuck knows. Maybe she did it because she was trying to break a world record or was dared by her friends. Either way, it’s a bit weird. After watching the video I’m surprised she was able to still stand up, consciously.

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[youtube clipid=”iyIAi2nGW4Q” autoplay=”0″]

There’s no other explanation for this video, other than she REALLY loves cocaine. Watch a video of this chick trying to break the world record for snorting the most cocaine here.

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