Saigon’s ‘Nunya’ Official Music Video Premieres

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The official music video for Saigon's Nunya premiered yesterday on and MTV Jams.

The track, produced by DJ Premier, is from his new album GSNT3: The Troubled Times Of Carenard which is the 3rd installment of his Greatest Story Never Told album series and drops tomorrow, 30th September.

About his message behind the music video concept, Saigon says,

"I wanted this video to be fun and basically address the people who get on social networks and write outlandish comments to celebrities about things they see or hear on the news.  A lot of the sh*t we go through in our personal lives is Nunya... Yeah, None of ya F*cking Business...."



GSNT3 Track List:1. Back To Reality feat. Just Blaze2. Come Alive feat. Corbett3. Street Gospel feat. P Jericho4. Definitions from Bryonn Bain5. Sinner's Prayer feat. Omar Epps and Papoose6. My Mama Think Im Crazy feat. Curbside Hustle7. Mine Mine Mine8. Let's Get Smart9. One Foot In The Door feat. Big Daddy Kane10. Nunya (None Of Ya Business)11. Best Mistake feat. G Martin12. Deception13. Bring That14. Mechanical Animals feat. Memphis Bleek, Lil Bibby and Kool G Rap15. Contraband 3 (A, B, C, D)16. Reincarnation feat. Bryonn Bain

Wanna hear Saigon live & celebrate the album release?

Saigon GSNT3 Album Release Party w: Cormega

Saigon and Cormega will be performing at The Studio, Webster Hall on 30th September.



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