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Saigon, Papoose and OMAR EPPS Trade Bars on Saigon’s Single “Sinner’s Prayer”


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Saigon, Papoose and OMAR EPPS Trade Bars on Saigon’s Single “Sinner’s Prayer”

April 18, 2014- New York, gives you an EXCLUSIVE look into the Behind The Scenes and the making of the epic lyrical creation “Sinner’s Prayer” featuring famed actor Omar Epps and underground king Papoose… Saigon says, “I really don’t think the world is ready to hear Omar Epps rapping like he’s rapping. Its obvious he’s multi talented when you see all the work he’s doing in Hollywood, but the Brooklyn comes out of him when he’s rapping.”

“Positivity, Love, Strength, Wisdom and UNITY is real, and it still exists and isn’t going anywhere” said Omar Epps when asked why he was stepping away from Hollywood to be featured on Saigon’s new single off his upcoming album Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 3: The Troubled Times Of Brian Carenard.”  The single will be out soon and will be the first release on the new newly formed innovative label Squid Ink Squad.

Check out to see Saigon, Omar and Papoose speak about how the song ”Sinners Prayer” came about. Let us know who had the hottest verse.

To keep up with the countdown to the single and all the latest Hip Hop news… please check out the website now!

Lulu Cohen, Squid Ink Squad Records
Ph: (917) 318 2161 | Email: [email protected]
1441 Broadway, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10018

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