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Reunited Again: The Ups & Downs of Drake & Rihanna

Jan 13, 2016 at 5:36 pm |

No one can undermine the chemistry between Rihanna and Drake. When paired together on a track, the two seamlessly flow together without any effort needed. While there was turmoil in paradise at a point, it appears they have skated back into the land of bliss. With new photos and videos surfacing last week highlighting a new song in the works featuring Rihanna and Drake, we can only imagine what the banger will entail, especially knowing that their track-record is pretty on-point. We decided to delve back into their past, and unearth some of their best and even worst moments together.

Drake & Rihanna “Take Care”

Source: YouTube / DrakeVEVO

Check Out the Ups & Downs of Drake & Rihanna

Welcome to the roller coaster of Drake & Rihanna.

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