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Rappers and Beards – Who Can Pull One Off and Who Should Shave

Jun 19, 2014 at 7:00 am |

7. YelaWolf


He doesn’t count. He’s just a hill billy Vanilla Ice. Like Ice, he’s sure to flame out shortly after the release of his second album. Even if he turns out to be the next Eminem, he still doesn’t count. He’s not breaking the mold because he’s white, YelaWolf is breaking it because he’s from Gadsden, Alabama. Gadsden has a population that could fit inside the Rose Bowl twice over. YelaWolf isn’t a rapper. He’s a salebarn auctioneer. The beard suits him just fine.

It’s not a race thing. However, different creeds have different rights to beards. The question is, can rappers grow out facial hair?

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