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Rapper Dads with Child Support Issues

Jun 13, 2014 at 7:00 am |

If you argue life imitates art, these rapper daddies are proof that in fact, no it doesn’t. The following men rap about one life and lead another. You’ve never heard one of these self-proclaimed bad-asses singing about child support have you? Nope.

But, the fact is, the majority of their money is spent on paying for the lives of their illegitimate children and their babies mamas.

Whether it’s an illegitimate child, a divorce or separation or alimony payments, rappers have are just as culpable as the rest of us.

1. Lil Wayne


In September of 2013, part-time sitcom actress Lauren London gave the four time Grammy winner Lil Wayne a son. But, Wayne’s sexual escapades in the nine months prior to his son’s birth also left R&B’s Nivea pregnant. Prior to last year, Lil Wayne already had two children. Wayne, obviously, is not married to any of his children’s mothers.

Murdered rappers often become martyrs, but they are far less common than dead beat rapper dads. The following are 10 rappers with child support issues.

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