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“Same Damn Lo Sweater”: A List of The Best Ralph Lauren Rap References

May 5, 2015 at 5:18 pm |



Ralph Lauren is one of America’s most iconic designers of all time and with sub-brands like Polo, Chaps and Rugby, under his belt, his namesake has been mentioned a lot over the years throughout hip-hop. With movements like Lo-Lifes and Lo-heads impacting urban culture in the early 90s and the significant today in wearing a Ralph Lauren item remaining the same, it’s clear that he is a true icon. Check out a list of some of our favorite rappers who’ve mentioned Ralph Lauren and his brands in there rhymes.

Check out the full list.

Ralph Lauren

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As one of the most iconic and influential designers to urban culture, check out a full list of Ralph Lauren rap references from some of your favorite rappers!

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