Pro Basketball Player Gil Arenas & Gloria Govan’s Breakup Gets Nasty!

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Pro basketball player Gilbert Arenas and his child’s mother Gloria Govan’s break up is getting heated! Gilbert Arenas recently went on Instagram and called out Gloria Govan on all her scandalous ways. In a long-winded and extra detailed note, Gil Arenas stated that Laura Govan spends all the money that she receives from child support on lavish clothing and accessories.

Gilbert Arenas also is requesting that Laura Govan and their four children leave the house that he pays mortgage for in order for him to move back in. Apparently, Gloria Govan thought she would be receiving more money after being awarded only $20,000 by the courts for child support. After not being awarded the amount that she expected she went on a rant herself and has been dogging gilbert Arenas ever since.

Continue reading to see what Gilbert Arenas accused Laura Govan of doing to reality TV star Draya Michele.