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Plastic Fantastic: These Rappers Have Made Some Changes

Jun 25, 2014 at 1:18 pm |

Plastic surgery is all too common in the celebrity world and female rappers certainly are not immune to the desire for a young and sexy appearance. The following ladies have pursued plastic surgery in hopes of improving everything from their facial features to their booties — often with mixed results.

4. Kreayshawn


AFP PHOTO / Frederic J. Brown Images

Although she’s never offered up specifics on her various procedures, Kreayshawn is widely believed to have invested in plastic surgery. Her official website features several extensive blog posts chock full of plastic surgery advice. What’s more, in an interview withxoJane,the rapper said she was in favor of plastic surgery, as long it didn’t look too fake.

You’ll never believe which female rap superstars are believed to have pursued plastic surgery for their faces and bodies.

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