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Tattoo Notebook Marked Up Like The Subways In Harlem

Jun 1, 2015 at 5:57 pm |

[youtube clipid=”2o3PBbazEKM#t=67″ autoplay=”0″]

Having a tattoo on your skin should always be something your proud of without any regret. There’s no reason why your tat of a dragon should look like a glowworm! Thankfully, Tattoo Art Magazine decided to make it so that every aspiring tattoo artist will have the proper experience before inking someone up. Teaming up with Lew/Lara agency comes The Skin Book, a notebook made of synthetic human skin that allows all up and coming tattoo artists to hone in on their skills. This ingenious idea serves as the perfect canvas without anything permanent.

Do you have any tattoo’s you regret? Sound off!

Scared of getting a tat because you don’t want a memorial tat of your mom to look like Mickey Mouse? Well, there’s a new notebook made of artificial human skin that allows tattoo artists to practice before taking to the body. Find out more.

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