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Nas Is Producing Breakdancing Documentary

Jun 5, 2015 at 5:03 pm |

[youtube clipid=”529H9Q6nyMY” autoplay=”0″]

When you think about hip hop, Nas is one of the first names that should come to mind. Nasty Nas is showing love to one of hip hop’s groundbreaking elements by producing a documentary alongside Adam Sjoberg. “Shake The Dust” focuses on international breakdancing and gives an inside look at the culture from all around the world. The producers take trips to Uganda, Yemen, Cambodia, and Colombia to hear first hand accounts from local breakdancers.

The b-boys and b-girls each share inspirational stories on the artform, which shows how much reach hip hop has a culture. This quote from a young b-boy from Uganda was especially dope.

“We know we can’t dance our way out of poverty, but with breakdancing you feel that you can do anything. If you ask me what’s happening with hip-hop, where hip-hop is going, hip-hop goes wherever we go.”

Watch the extended trailer above.

Nas is producing a documentary on the hip-hop element of breakdancing titled, “Shake The Dust.” Watch an extended trailer here!

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