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Migos Pay a Visit to ESPN to Give Update on Offset

Jul 29, 2015 at 12:59 pm |

Migos ESPN screenshot

Migos paid a visit to ESPN’s show Highly Questionable to give an update on their long lost member Offset. Quavo and Takeoff talked about what it was like growing up together and constantly fighting like they were brothers. They also admitted that the Noisey Atlanta series that they recorded was all scripted and nothing on the show was real.

When Quavo and Takeoff were asked about their third group member Offset who is currently detained for charges stemming back to earlier this year, the two replied that Offset would be home soon and that he was doing fine. They also laughed about the fact that Offset seems to know more about what’s going on outside in jail then they do and that he knew they would be on ESPN before they did. That jail wire is no joke! Watch the full interview below.

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Migos’ Quavo and Takeoff paid a visit to ESPN to give an update on Offset and reveal when he would finally be released from jail!

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