Max B, Kanye West, And The History Of The Wave

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Kanye West came under some serious fire this past week after he revealed that he was changing his album title name to Waves from the original title SWISH. The super producer caught a lot of flack from some in the hip hop community, as well as Wiz Khalifa, as they believed that he was not paying proper homage to Max B, who they have deemed as the originator of the wave. Even his nickname is The Wavy One, for crying out loud. While Max B is locked up, he was able to respond with praise to Yeezy for his album name, as Kanye eventually did show his respects to Max and the “wave” movement. At this time, it’s probably better for us to take a look back on the history of the Wavy movement, just so everyone can understand why hip hop was in a frenzy over the album title.


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