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Lil Wayne Might Release A Tell All Book

Mar 20, 2015 at 10:53 am |

drake lil wayne 2012 NBA All-Star Game

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne is shopping a tell-all book. Publishing houses are showing heavy interest, due to the amount of revealing stories Weezy shares. As of right now, rumor has it that Tunechi reflects on a time when Drake visited him at Riker’s Island and advised him to stay away from his then girlfriend. The simp god Drizzy addressed the word on the street and confessed: “Yeah, it’s true. Don’t f*** with her like that cause I did f*** her” which caused his YMCMB to lose his mind. Check out more quotes from Lil Wayne below.

“This is the type of s*** that a man never wants to find out when he’s locked up. Or, maybe so, cause only God knows what I would have done if I wasn’t locked up right now.”

“I woke up feeling f***** up about the f***** up day that I had … finding out that she f***** Drake was the absolute worst thing I could’ve ever found out.”

“As a man, honestly, that s*** hurt … and not because it was Drake, it could have been any man. It would’ve hurt the same.”

Lil Wayne is supposedly shopping around a tell-all book, which features an excerpt talking about when Drake admitted to Weezy that he smashed his then girlfriend while he was in jail at Rikers Island.

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