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Lil B Endorses Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for Presidential Candidate

Jul 16, 2015 at 5:48 pm |

Lil B & Bernie Sanders twitter screenshot

Lil B has a new friend! The based God recently endorsed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for presidential candidate via his infamous Twitter page. According to Lil B, Bernie Sanders is a great candidate because he marched against segregation back in the sixties? Alright Lil B if that’s your idea of what it takes to run a country then we’ll take it!

After tweeting his thoughts about Bernie Sanders for the world to see, Lil B received a follow from the senator and was super elated! On the other hand, The Based God wasn’t too happy that he didn’t get a follow back from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is also a presidential candidate. Lil B took a few shots at Hillary to show his disgust. Sorry Lil B maybe next time! Check out all the tweets from the Based God below.

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The Based God has a new friend! See how Senator Bernie Sanders got endorsed by Lil B inside.

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