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Larry King Gives His Take On Hip-Hop

Dec 30, 2014 at 12:40 pm |

larry king speaks The Lourdes Foundation “Leadership in the 21st Century” Event with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Larry King doesn’t appreciate hip-hop music, but he respects it at least. In an interview with VICE, the talk-show host supreme discussed his feelings towards rap culture, an opinion he’s built this year based off conducting interviews with many rappers in 2014. Read the full sit-down here, and some highlights below.

“I donít appreciate Hip Hop, but if itís good Hip Hop, and people like it, I understand it finding its audience.”

On the “N” word:

Well itís been a major topic in the world. The word is a terrible word when done by a white man. Itís a terrible word when said on the football field, especially by a white athlete to a black athlete. But in the black culture, it is not a terrible word when used to talk to each other. I make no judgements. I understand it. I understand that a black person might use the word in an often complimentary about another black personówhile it is never complimentary for a white person to use it… just as it is never complimentary for someone to say, ďkyke,Ē or ďwop.Ē I donít like the Washington Redskins name. I donít like prejudice of any kind like that. But if a Native American wants to use terminology referring to another Native American, thatís their perogative.

Larry King shares his views on hip-hop and the N word.

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