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Kid Cudi Shares His Will On Twitter

Jun 1, 2015 at 5:50 pm |


Getty Images/Twitter

Kid Cudi took to Twitter yesterday morning posting a handwritten note, which apparently turned out to be his Will with random requests about his body after his death. When he posted it, fans of the EMO artist thought it was lyrics to a song off of his forthcoming LP, Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven:

My casket needs to be 100% rose gold plated
I wanna be in my ripped Levi’s jeans and my Incesticide Nirvana
T shirt with my Converse
Don’t cut my hair
No matter what keep the casket closed
Send my body to space to be buried on the moon or
Sent through a wormhole with all my music
and my story on a jump drive, if possible.
Upon my death, all rivalries are deaded.
Dance and celebrate, no sadness
Let my fans have a separate funeral for me so my
family can mourn privately
Cremation if there’s barely anything left of me,
or else dig up my dad’s body and bury us together
wherever my mom sees fit. funeral must be

Kid Cudi shares his very interesting Will on Twitter, having fans mistake it for lyrics off his forthcoming album, ‘Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven’. Find out the Full Story and more here.

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