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Keepin’ It Gangsta: Jay Z’s ‘American Gangster’ Is Eight-Years-Old Today

Nov 6, 2015 at 3:12 pm |


Source: Tumblr @Today in Hip Hop

After a very lukewarm return album with Kingdom Come, JAY Z was bombarded with a myriad of questions surrounding his skill-set. Does he still have it? Can he still drop another dope album? Is he washed up? Instead of being entangled in a web of questions, he crushed any dubious thoughts by releasing his tenth album American Gangster.

Inspired by the movie American GangsterĀ anchored by Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, Jay scripted scintillating tales of the street life. Jay dug in the depths of his creativeness and injected cold-hearted bars into our lives. “Say Hello,” “Ignorant Sh*t,” “Pray” “Success” and “I Know” were some of his best tracks on the acclaimed project.

AG encapsulated everything we grew to love Jay for. Regardless of whether he’s laced in the best suits, his heart still lies dormant in the streets, and this album is proof.

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Happy Birthday American Gangster!

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