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Kanye West’s New Album Isn’t Co-Produced By Paul McCartney

Jan 26, 2015 at 1:11 pm |

Kanye West Samsung Galaxy Presents JAY Z and Kanye West At SXSW

Rick Kern/Getty Images

Kanye West has dropped two collabs with Paul McCartney thus far, with each song featuring a whole lot of singing and barely any rapping. Over the weekend, rumors surfaced that the Beatle would be co-producing Ye’s next album. Both parties have denied the notion in a statement to Rolling Stone, and thank god. Of course, it’s dope and groundbreaking for hip-hop for Kanye to work with Paul McCartney but at the same time we need more of the rapping we came to love from Yeezus..and that’s not a knock on his singing either. Stay tuned fore more info.

Does this mean we’ll be hearing more rapping and less singing from Kanye West considering Paul McCartney isn’t co-producing his album?

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