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Kanye West Working On A New Sneaker

Jul 31, 2015 at 2:34 pm |



Recently Kanye and his expecting wife, Kim Kardashian, were spotted in his Calabasas design studio. The question remains from the photo above: what are they working!

No one knows, but based on pictures captured it shows ‘Ye hard at work browsing through racks of clothes with a huge inspiration board in the backdrop.

Although there is no confirmation or even speculation on what Kanye is doing specifically in the studio, we’ll probably (and honestly) never know until he wants informs everyone. Considering how he had Kim in the studio with him, maybe he’s designing a line of baby clothes for adidas?

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Is Kanye Working on a new sneaker? Find out what he and his expecting wife Kim Kardashian were doing in a design studio.

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