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Kanye West Changes New Album Title

May 4, 2015 at 10:08 am |

Kanye West’s new album is one of the most anticipated projects in hip-hop in 2015 and it looks like ‘Ye is switching up the concept. Originally dubbed So Help Me God, the ‘Ball So Hard’ rapper took to Twitter to announce a title switch to SWISH. In addition, Yeezy didn’t cancel out the possibility of another change-up as the release gets closer. Stay tuned for information. Also, you might remember Kanye West, known for not having a filter, describing his wife Kim Kardashian as a “SWISH.”

Kanye West has just changed his new album title from “So Help Me God” to “SWISH,” most likely inspired by his wife Kim Kardashian. Which one do you like more?

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